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Guidelines for [FnG]

Posted: Fri Jan 09, 2004 12:20 pm
by [FnG] Lambik
Guidelines for this community
- Have Fun
- no Flaming
- no Spamming
- no Cursing
- Be respectful of others
- try to be active

Since we are all different, and therefore have different opinions on what is flaming/spamming/cursing,
so don't feel offended when a fellow member or mod. ask you to change a word/line in a post you made.

- no structure
- admins: if a members is Flaming,Cursing, Spamming, then the forum admins will act appropiate, consult the clan when nessesary.
- Site moderators: ppl who will update the forum with looks and features.

Joining [FnG]
Everyone is welcome here at the forums, and on our game servers.
Just register on this forum, make an introduction post on the welcoming forum. It's not required to become a member of the [FnG] Community, but if you want to Join [FnG], Post and Game for a month, after that one can become a [FnG] member by sending a request message to one of the mods. They will change your name into [FnG]YourNickName, until that moment you are not allowed to use the [FnG] tag ingame.

The nature of our forums is open, no hidden sections for [FnG] Members and Honored Guests.
(Hidden will only be Password and Game-Strategy section)

Illegal Software; Cheats; Cracks and Hacks

FnG will not tolerate the promotion; use or distribution of any Illegal Software; Cheats; Cracks and Hacks (or similar).

The Admins