Urgent hardware help needed

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Urgent hardware help needed

Postby [FnG] Lazz » Wed Mar 22, 2006 10:56 pm

Hi all

Problem 1: My new PC has power going to it (PSU light lights up and mobo light is green) but front panel lights don't light up and nothing turns on (i.e. heatsink or gfx card). I have checked some things which would normally cause that to happen - such as the 4 pin connector on the mobo (near heatsink) which is plugged in correctly.

Problem 2: My older PC is telling me 'failed to find bot device'. I am wondering if it is because I took my DVD drive out of it and put it into the new PC, though I find that unlikely since there have been times when my old pc has failed to detect the DVD drive yet still booted fine.

Thanks for any help

*edit* I think it might be working now. I just moved one of the power connectors 'POWER SW' to the left by 1 pin (it was in the wrong spot) and then the pc started working.

Heres hoping it boots correctly

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