The google conspiracy !

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The google conspiracy !

Postby [FnG] Lert » Mon Jan 23, 2006 3:32 pm

Google Conspiracy

Is Google A Secret Weapon

Controlled By the Military?

Story by Lloyd Franks, Reporter

Daily Internet Clarion of New York

January 23, 2005: According to Mr. Bob Beobee, former employee of the NSA (National Security Agency of the United States) Google is a military covert operation that helps the USA to control the world.

According to Katie Beobee, wife of Bob Beobee, Google had reason to silence her husband, who disappeared mysteriously about a week ago.

Google is a corporation, headquartered in California, that searches for information on the internet worldwide and publishes on the internet an index of the pages found by Google.

According to official documents written and published by Google, Google withholds many secrets from the public. Indeed, Google's methods of operation never have been explained in full detail.

"When I say 'Google,' I mean 'military," Beobee said, "for Google and the military are in bed together. People mistakenly think, sometimes, that I am only joking, but I have inside information that can be corroborated."

"Google is a weapon, a secret weapon of Uncle Sam, a worldwide censor, a worldwide spy, a military operation designed to identify enemies, designed to silence dissenters."

"The operation at Google has well defined objectives," said Beobee, "collective mind control; global intelligence and surveillance; socio-economic control over the people and nations on Earth to help the US keep its grip on power around the world.".

"Compared to the power of Google, the hydrogen bomb is a toy," said Beobee, "because the US cannot attack with an H-bomb every day."

Said Beobee, "Google snoops through, and analyzes, most of the websites on this Earth for the purpose of battling enemies of the United States. Google limits individual access to the web by carefully filtering information that is released to the public."

"Google ignores, hides or bans the websites deemed to be harmful to Uncle Sam," said Beobee.

"Think about it," he added, "when Google bans a page on the web, Google blackballs every site that is linked to the ostracized page. A domino effect ensues: a ban by Google against Page A leads to a ban on Website B (which is linked to Page A), which leads to a ban on Website C (which is linked to Website B), and so forth.

"Webmasters around the world must delete their links to pages banned by Google," said Beobee. "And that amounts to censorship on a worldwide scale; control on a global level; coercion around the world.

"And Google is not the only search engine involved in espionage. Yahoo, too, has been co-opted into intelligence work.

"Google and Yahoo are vital components of Operation Prometheus, a covert operation that began three years ago.

"As part of that operation, Yahoo acquired state-of-the-art technology from Google -- technology that Google acquired from the NSA.

"Operation Prometheus has an enormous data base, the biggest archive ever compiled by man. When any person in the world conducts a search at Google or Yahoo, the nature of that search becomes a part of the data base.

"A mile-long list has been compiled, a list of people's names. That sinister list grows longer by the minute.

"An individual's identity is added to the list if searches conducted by that individual indicate wrongful thinking or harmful intent."

"The method used to identify people is classified," he added.

"All important search engines are headquartered in the U.S.A., and all of those engines are economically tied to one another," Beobee said. "Yahoo, for instance, has invested millions of dollars in Google.

"Yahoo purchased recently some of the biggest and most important search engines on this planet -- All the Web, Lycos Tripod, and others," Beobee said.

"Through acquisitions and mergers, the military quickly acquired control of the biggest and most-important search engines on Earth," said Beobee.

"The military now controls most of what people see and hear on the web throughout the world," Beobee added in a whisper.

Beobee stated frequently that Google is an evil enterprise, financed by the CIA; supported by the NSA, and operated by dangerous people from the infernal regions. "Google is a bigger threat to freedom than communism -- the most sinister source of mind control since the McCarthy era," said Beobee.

"Never will Google reveal its secrets, the methods it uses to rank web pages, because those methods are based in whole on exigencies of politics and on the need to mesmerize the masses," said Beobee.

"Search for any keyword at Google," said Beobee with a smile, "and you will see a statement like 'Results 1 - 10 of about 1,770,000.' Then Google will give you, at the most, maybe 1,000 results, for Google's mission is to exclude, not to include, information."

"Google is the biggest, most misleading censor on Earth," said Beobee. "Many results have no relationship to keywords used in a search."

"Congress should investigate," Beobee said with a frown, "but I know several senators are in cahoots with Google, and they condone the Google operation."

"I think allies of the United States suspect that Google is up to no good," said Beobee. "China and other 'enemy states' are suspicious and wary of Google. And foreign countries don't trust Yahoo, much, because Yahoo favors American webs and the economic interests of America."

"I am a patriot," said Beobee. "I gave 41 years of my life to defend the stars and stripes of freedom. I advocate any weapon or method that benefits my country.

"But Google violates every precept upon which this country was founded. Google is a danger and an evil in our midst, a brutish beast without a heart or soul."

"Any person who speaks of this matter is likely to wind up missing," Beobee stated to his wife shortly before he disappeared. Beobee vanished recently while on vacation in Asia, abducted by agents of Google, or Yahoo, according to his wife.

Although his body was never recovered, Beobee is presumed dead.

If you, the reader, want to publish links that point to this story, first consider the fate of Bob Beobee. Rest in peace.

This reporter must deny that even one word of this story is true (to dodge my own assassination, maybe you have guessed).

This story, therefore, is a work of fiction -- written to entertain you -- for this reporter has zero desire to vanish mysteriously.

Startling Update: Lloyd Franks, the journalist, died suspiciously two days after his story, above, was published.

Franks was killed by a hit-and-run driver, according to witnesses. The identity of the driver remains unknown.

For sources, use your google ..
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