War In Kryta update

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War In Kryta update

Postby [FnG] Torgo 3000 » Fri Jun 04, 2010 7:52 pm

There’s new War in Kryta content; specifically, a new quest that pays off in 5 Royal Gifts and a Congressional Medal of Honor. To get the quest, a toon has to have completed the non-repeatable Wanted quests for Bauer, Lashona and Lovisa. The FDGies are meeting up tonight (North America time) to hammer some toons through these quests.

I think this info only applies to Drew, Kril and I. I think we’re the last ones standing, Northa-Merkin-FnG-wise.

(Incidentally, for GW purposes, I jumped over to the FDG guild last night. As we get closer to GW2-time, it makes sense to work toward greater integration, anyway. I’m looking forward to an upcoming ANet blog post detailing guild structure … then perhaps all will be made clear.)

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