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Posted: Sun Dec 12, 2010 6:08 pm
by [FnG] ParanoiDinHELL
Just wondering whom here figured this would be a good time for a return to WoW. Obviously the gameplay is aging and if you want to keep it 100% safe your best of not joining a guild while going through the content. But in terms of art direction and procuction value (not counting the dreadfull voice acting, which definatly is not an par with the rest of the game asuming the armor/weapons will become more visually pleasurable when/if I go into dungeons) it's definatly worth strolling through. Beyond the somewhat dull starting area at 80 (if your going to Vash,ji) plenty of interesting sights are to be seen and I was definatly impressed by some things they got out of this somewhat ageing engine.

Too bad they dumbed it down to the part where you just spam attacks soloing, I only die when I forget to watch at my hp bar for too long since there's little threat to be found generally. And that's as warrior with limited healing capacity.