Some fixed skills (Dec. 15th update)

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Some fixed skills (Dec. 15th update)

Postby [FnG] Da Kril » Fri Dec 16, 2005 6:18 pm

ArenaNet released a new patch to Guild Wars last night, with a bunch of minor tweaks. A couple of fairly powerful skills that weren't working right got fixed, and are thus more effective now.

Here are the changes of interest:
  • Fixed sacrifice skills so that a player who sacrifices all of his remaining Health will die. Previously a bug allowed the player to stay alive if he had positive Health regeneration when he sacrificed all of his remaining Health.
  • Fixed Whirling Defense so that it deals the correct amount of damage as shown in the skill description. Previously the amount of damage shown in the skill description increased according to the player's attribute level, but the actual damage dealt did not. [Whoopsie!]
  • Fixed Spiteful Spirit so that it correctly triggers on any skill use, as specified in the skill description. Previously it was failing to trigger on Stances, Shouts, and other instant-cast skills. [Yay, more damage from SS! :twisted:]
  • Fixed Scourge Sacrifice so it affects the target foe and his adjacent foes, as specified in the skill description. Previously it was incorrectly affecting foes adjacent to the caster.
  • Added a new player status choice in the Friends window, "Do Not Disturb," which blocks all incoming whispers. [Nice. For tricky missions where you need to concentrate.]
  • Added mouse wheel zooming to the Map Overlay screen.
That map-zoom sounds interesting. Haven't tried it yet, so don't know how useful it is.

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