Snowball fights!

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Snowball fights!

Postby [FnG] Da Kril » Mon Dec 26, 2005 7:18 am

Snowball fights?!

We gotta try this! :D :D

Part of the Christmas update is a special PvP area called
The Dwayna vs. Grenth Arena
  • How to get there: Look for an NPC called "Wintersday Priest [Snowball fight]" in any of the four Wintersday-decorated towns -- Ascalon City, Droknar's Forge, Lion's Arch or Tomb of the Primeval Kings.
  • This special town has two crafters who collect Candy Cane Shards:
    • Candysmith Marley - 8 shards per item:
      Gingerbread Focus
      Gingerbread Shield
      Peppermint Shield
    • Candysmith Kringle - 4 shards per item:
      Candy Cane Hammer
      Candy Cane Bow
      Candy Cane Staff
      Candy Cane Wand
      Candy Cane Axe
      Candy Cane Sword
    The Snowball Fight:
  • Choose enter arena (you cannot make a party) and you will be transported to a unique arena. All your skills will be replaced with custom, snow-specific skills.
  • The unique attribute of your primary class (Divine Favor, Strength, etc.) is set to 0.
  • On entering, you will be enchanted with "Yuletide," which sets your HP to 500, Energy to 40, and energy regeneration to +4.
  • The skills:

    Skills 1-4: Always the same.
    Skill 5: Depends whether you're on Greneth (Yellow Snow) or Dwayna's (Avalanche) team.
    Skill 6: Dependent on primary profession
    Skill 7-8: Always the same.

  • Presents will randomly pop up in the arena.
  • Your objective is to pick a present up, then walk (slowly) to your team's avatar.
  • Red Team is Grenth, Blue team is Dwayna.
  • First team to retrieve 5 presents wins the match.
You do gain Faction for these matches, btw. LOL @ several of these: Hidden Rock, Snow Down the Shirt, and Holiday Blues ..."sacrifice 100% health" :laugh:

Get some snowballin' going,
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