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Mount & Blade

Postby The Phantom » Fri Apr 02, 2010 10:43 pm

So, anyone heard of this indie game called Mount and Blade?

A few months ago, Mount & Blade was on sale on steam, so I deciced to give it a chance. Turned out to be a fun game!
It's basically a fictional medieval setting where you can command armies of troops in first person on the battlefield itsself. You get to lead your troops in the very battlefield (on your trusty horse, hence it is called MOUNT & blade). There is a very large map with about 6 factions that have changing politics (wars, alliances, truces) wherein you can choose a side as a mercenary or by serving as a lord under a king. Sieging castles (one of my personal favourites. I really felt standing there on my own with my army, climbing up ladders to attack the defending archers on the walls), trading goods (there is a very good economic system present), quests (deliver messages, capture enemies, capture castle, Taxin' peasants, finding outlaws and whatnot) and more.

Now it is a truly fun game which I praise for it's realism in combat and it's complexity in the rest of the game. But now comes the good part:
Telltale Worlds (the developer of this game) has very recently released a stand-alone expansion of this game which includes an improved singleplayer (200 troops vs 200 troops battles, more economic options, marriage) along with a multiplayer that allows up to 64 people! Playing with and against human controlled-troops makes things alot more interesting. My favourites untill now are Capture the Flag and Siege. You can pick one of the 3 classes (Archer, footman, horseman) and join in a relatively large battle which brims of action, tactics and 1 versus 1 duels. For those who want a decent impression of this game, here are some links with movies. ... ount/63798

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