Finally the day has come.... =P

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Finally the day has come.... =P

Postby [FnG] white_hound » Sun Dec 18, 2005 6:45 am

A year here! Whoa! Love this place and will continue staying here:D . I should have put this (how I came to know of this great site) into my welcoming note but I was too lost and it was really funny or a little irritating for one of the moderators :P I contacted tried to help out into making my post since this is my first forum. It was through [FnG] Farting Bob that I got to know about this wonderful place (and have been a bit addicted to it ever since). Reason why I have never played on the servers as some of you may have already known was because I never played UT..serious not one game…before and it’s only through FnG that I knew about it. Also another reason lies in the fact that I don’t have the original copy of the game which cost a whooping RM200 here and it’s no way my dad’s going to get that for me or my brother. So I make use of the pirated copy to play. The same goes for the other pc games my siblings and I have played. In Malaysia, ask anyone (who’s a gamer) about Counter Strike and they’ll go rambling about it, but I mentioned UT and they’ll give me blank stares… (Exactly how I would have been a year ago)..

Anyways..LOVE THIS PLACE and will continue being here :D

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