Zelda - The skyward sword. *finished*

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Zelda - The skyward sword. *finished*

Postby [FnG] N!MRoD » Wed Feb 01, 2012 12:05 pm

I thought I add a lil review here to the Wii section. I mostly have the Wii for a few big franchises of Nintendo. The game I'll be talking about is one of them.

The Legend of Zelda: The skyward sword is the 25 year anniversary title of the Zelda games. Nintendo tried to make this game worthy for being an anniversary title. Did they manage this? I think they did.

The story is generally like the most Zelda games. Fight evil. But like each game they tell the story a bit differently while sticking with some familiar persons and settings. Dont expect any big plot twists but they manage to keep you interested to find out what happens next. Wrap this with fun gameplay plus some big boss fights (there will be an aireal one) and you got yourself one nice game. And of course, the wii motion plus also adds alot to the gameplay, pretty much only good things.

-There is actually very little that annoyed me about the game. Only one thing did actually, which are the controls.
In general the controls are good, but sometimes it just feels not natural to me. So perhaps it is just me. Anyway, the camera positioning took quite some time to get used too. Which can make running awkward and jumping difficult. The swinging of the sword and usage of the shield by shaking the nunchuck can sometimes also feel not responsive enough. This can make some fights a real challenge. But all in all nothing to major and nothing that you cant handle after some experience.

-Game lenght: There is quite a bit of content, so you wont finish quickly. I took about 35 hours for my first playthrough and i mostly just sticked to the main story. So much more to do if you feel like being a "complete-tionist".
Upgradable items: This is quite new to the Zelda series. You can upgrade most of your bag items, they tend to have 3 upgrade levels. For example, you can improve your wooden shield 2 times. Or upgrade your slingshot so it has a scattershot. -Potions can actually also be upgraded. What i liked most about it was that most potions can be improved to have double servings. Really usefull because you only have 4 bottles when you finish the game (and you will be using them for other things too).
-Flying on your loftwing: Took some practice, but now I just like it. And it just rocks to jump of somewhere, do a nose dive and get picked up by your bird!
-Its Zelda!: You can expect the same high standard of polish as all previous Zelda games. This reason on its own makes sure that this game is not a wasted buy if you like the genre.

A very much recommended game if you like the RPG genre. You will enjoy this.
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