Fudge Tourney #2!

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Fudge Tourney #2!

Postby [FDG]Sundae » Wed Aug 20, 2008 4:07 pm

Now before you look at "Tourney" and run away screaming, it's more intended for a friendly thing. :) That's why we're picking a game everyone can play, and nobody is good at! (Except Nuts... but we'll come up with some handicap for him.)


Format: 1v1 or 2v2 DM/TDM, depending on how many people we get to sign up.

If 2v2: Teams will be divided up so that no 'stacked' teams appear. However, people across oceans from each other will get preference to play with people on their side of the ocean in order to make it possible to find partners. :) Additionally, unless specifically requested otherwise, I'm going to try to divide teams up with 1 FDG and 1 FnG per team when possible. I think it could be fun. :D

Warsow is a free quake-engine based first-person shooter game. It runs heavy on the projectiles and very light on the hitscan, has a reasonable movement system with painkiller-style bunnyhopping and wall-dodging, but these are both pretty easy to learn and figure out. It is FREE, and it is NOTHING ANY OF US REALLY PLAY. :)

As always, any FnGers who would like to join in are perfectly welcome to - in fact, we'd love it if you did. :)


PS> Other ideas coming up in the nearish future... The Fudge Olympics. A series of events scattered across all the different games we play. Each team can have 4 people on it, and each can choose their participant for each event. It may consist of footraces across massive shiverpeak mountain trails, firing the farthest spider mine you can as a shot-put, distance diving in UT2004, or softball matches in TF2. :) Some free-game events may also show up to throw some less-familiar events into the works.

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