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Champions Online

Postby IAmTheRad » Tue Jun 02, 2009 2:12 am

As I have seemed to be the Superhero MMO guru around here, it's only fair that I've heard about Champions Online.

Synopsis? It's a superhero mmo designed by the same company that created City of Heroes. However, many of the original developers of City of Heroes do not work on Champions Online. Anyways, the City of Heroes team left Cryptic, joined NC Soft North Cal, then changed their name to Paragon Studios recently... but this isn't about that.

Champions Online is a mmo based on the pen and paper RPG of Champions. It's a superhero MMO. It's currently in closed beta. I can neither confirm nor deny if I participate in the closed beta of Champions Online. Can't break the NDA, you know :lol:

I can't say anymore that's not in online previews. But if I can give my opinion... it's not as good as City of Heroes.

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