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Gone Home

Postby [FnG] Unholy Eve » Sat Sep 14, 2013 6:43 pm

This game is a gem well a very short gem and because it's a gem it's a bit on the over priced side of things.

Buy it, Play it, Love it

It's been a long time since I've played something like this, there is no horror, no nasties waiting to jump you in the dark and no death. What there is is the power of imagination, I went into this game knowing full well there was nothing that could hurt or scare me and yet my mind still brought about the scare/terror factor. I always thought the lights in this house would go out and something would get me, or I was waiting to see a shadowy figure at the end of a corridor or at the top of the stairs. A light did go pop at one moment in time and I ran from the room I was in like a scared little girl, shut the door and didn't go back in.

The game is like a short story. You a young 19/20 year old girl returns home after traveling the world expecting to find your family waiting for you but you don't. what you find is an empty house and a note from your younger sister. The game is quite text based and does add to the over all depth as you start to picture the family in your mind and what they get up to. As you walk about the house you'll find notes/letters from your sister which lets you get a glimpse of what she's been up to whilst your away the game also then narrates a section from her diary, again helping you piece together whats gone on.

It is pricey at £15/$20 but I'll still recommend it to you all.

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