Space Empires IV Deluxe

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Space Empires IV Deluxe

Postby IAmTheRad » Wed Mar 15, 2006 1:04 am

Is this ANOTHER game I bought? Nope, I've had Space Empires IV Gold for a LONG time, and there was a free patch to bring it up to Deluxe (it's also availiable through Steam)
Anyways, this game is HARD. It's one game in my favorite genre of games: 4X space. This game will take a LONG time to complete. It also requires a BUNCH of micromanagement. It's difficult, but it's fun. I've had a month long game of this before, it could of went longer, but I decided it was time to just massively build my best forces and send them to destroy, rather than the diplomatic victory.
The good parts:
You can put whatever components you wish on a ship, that you researched. Of course, this doesn't go as in depth as Galactic Civilizations II, since that one is the king of building units. Now, because this game is larger than Galactic Civilizations in sheer size (Literal size and stuff to do) it can get boring at times waiting for ships to move. NOW, to try this out, GET THE DEMO!
You might NOT like it. I'm not saying download it off Steam. I've had the original Gold for years it seems. This patch made me dust off the old CD and install it again. No more CD to play it!
(The battles in it are close to actual strategy, unlike automated)

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