Mario Strikers Charged

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Mario Strikers Charged

Postby [FnG] EarlyBath » Wed May 23, 2007 10:15 pm

surely you've heard of this game, and possibly seen a few adds.

It's the Nintendo Mario based 5-a-side insane soccer spin-off on the Wii. It's out on Friday 25th May in the UK.

Anyone else got a Wii and getting this?

Even IGN like it

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Postby [FnG] Kaidan Fenix » Sat May 26, 2007 4:49 am

I like to play online and nintendo is playing it way too safe with the friendcodes and taking away communication possibilities. They say they are also focussing on the hardcore gamers, but its all about mini games and split screen party games. Although fun if you have a party its not cool at all when you don't. Its like nintendo is trying to become EA. Releasing gamecube and ps2 ports on the wii for the hardcore players and creating mini games like mario party 8 Brain academy for the other 70 % of the population who normally doesn't play so they can make more money.
Even the DS has voice communication when you play online. It still has sucky friendcodes but at least you can talk to the person you are playing, otherwise you might as well be playing against AI. I thought playing on the Wii would save a lot electricity, but having to turn on my xbox start a audio conversation and play on the wii against him just so I can communicate doesn't really help.
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